Graduate Assistantship, Spring ’23: LGBTQIA+ Initiatives, Women & Gender Equity Center, SEES

Graduate Assistantship

Number of positions: 1

Job Summary:

The Graduate Assistant for LGBTQIA+ Initiatives coordinates educational programming and services through the Women and Gender Equity Center for Student Engagement & Enrollment Services (SEES). The GA will assist in trainings, workshops, events, and community development for the LGBTQIA+/Queer community at ODU.

Office Website: Old Dominion University Women & Gender Equity Center – Old Dominion University (

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Assist with planning, developing, and implementing educational and community development programming focused on LGBTQIA+ identities (e.g., Lavender Reception, Friendsgiving, World AIDS Day, OUTWORK Expo, etc.)
  • Act as Administrative Officer for Asterisk, the Trans* student advisory board, and Queer Resilience Coalition (QRC), the LGBTQIA+ student advisory board. The Administrative Officer is responsible for the meeting minutes, assisting the Community Engagement Officer with member recruitment and retention, and is responsible for meeting/event logistics (room reservation, catering, set-up).
  • Assist with coordination and facilitation of Safe Space Ally Certification training.
  • Assist in reviewing and developing Safe Space Ally Training curriculum.
  • Liaise with relevant student, faculty, and staff organizations (ODU SAGA, LGBTQIA+ Faculty Caucus, LGBT Alumni Chapter) and other campus and community constituents.
  • Serve on the Spectrum Floor Community Education Team to assist in the planning and execution of Spectrum LLC programming.
  • Serve as a student spokesperson for sex identity, gender identity and expression, and sexual orientation inclusion at fairs, information sessions, and classroom presentations
  • Execute evening and weekend programming as needed
  • Manage professional social media and web presence for LGBTQIA+ initiatives and Safe Space (OIR website, Safe Space Instagram, etc.)
  • Support SEES in collecting assessment data

Required Skills:

  • Masters or Ph.D. level graduate student in good standing
  • Demonstrated knowledge of cultural dimensions and frameworks that impact and influence LGBTQIA+ communities and individuals
  • Demonstrated ability/skills in working with the LGBTQIA+ collegiate student population
  • Experience coordinating and implementing programs, activities, events, and trainings
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and communication
  • Demonstrated organizational skills and ability to manage details amidst competing demands
  • Demonstrated ability to perform academic research
  • Experience with advertising/marketing (including software such as Adobe Creative Cloud)
  • Intent to work with LGBTQIA+/queer populations in professional setting
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities and abilities

Employment Schedule/Hours:

The GA is expected to work a set schedule totaling twenty (20) hours per week, with the ability to flex time as needed for events/programs.

Academic Qualifications & Preferred Majors: Regular admission in a graduate degree program at ODU with good academic standing, maintenance of a full course load of student enrollment during the term of their appointment, and a 3.0 or higher GPA is required. Dropping below the required GPA or reducing one’s course load below full-time can be grounds for dismissal.

For More Information, Please Contact:

Andrew Garber
Coordinator for LGBTQIA+ Programs and Initiatives
1000 Webb University Center
Norfolk, VA 23529
(757) 683-4109

Position Reports to:

Coordinator, LGBTQIA+ Programs and Initiatives

Knowledge and Skills Derived from Experience:

  • Experience in curriculum development and training facilitation
  • Experience collaborating with other campus offices, departments, and organizations
  • Improved intercultural communication and critical thinking skills
  • Enhanced research and analysis skills
  • Experience in program development and event management
  • Experience working with diverse communities


Graduate Assistantships are funded through a stipend of $15,000 over the course of one (1) academic year (12 months).

Length of Assistantship:

The assistantship is contracted for the course of one (1) academic year (12 months).

How to Apply:

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to Andrew Garber, Coordinator for LGBTQIA+ Initiatives, at Applicants are encouraged to visit the following website for more information: