Voter Engagement Internship

Voter Engagement Internship 

Student Engagement & Enrollment Services, Office of Leadership & Learning 

An internship is a practical experience intended to provide meaningful, career-related work experience that extends student learning beyond the classroom. Students will assume administrative responsibilities in an area of personal and professional interest. 

Number of positions: 1  

Job Summary: The Intern for Voter Engagement will be responsible for organizing and implementing programming and education related.  


  • Develop knowledge of best practices surrounding college student nonpartisan voter registration and turnout 
  • Gain experience planning and implementing events in a higher education setting 
  • Develop skills that are transferable to other administrative areas 

Duties & Responsibilities: 

  • Support and execute ODU’s voter engagement plan 
  • Co-supervise Campus Vote Project Democracy Fellow 
  • Assist in the development of creative programming to engage students in non-partisan voter registration and voter education 
  • Utilize NSLVE report data to make informed decisions about effective programming  
  • Organize and co-chair a campus coalition of stakeholders invested in student voter engagement 
  • Collaborate with campus and community partners to engage a diverse population of ODU students in voter registration and engagement efforts 
  • Participate in professional developmental opportunities, maintain office hours, serve as a contributing member of Leadership & Learning staff, and perform other duties as assigned 

Education & Experience (Preferred Majors): Matriculation in a graduate degree program (higher education administration or public administration preferred), ability to remain non-partisan in voter engagement activities, strong oral and written communication skills.  

Employment Schedule/Hours: Approximately 10 hours per week  

Academic Qualifications: Regular admission in a graduate degree program at ODU with good academic standing. 

Preferred Qualification: Experience with programming and planning events 

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For More Information, Please Contact: 

Amy Leah Joaquim, Assistant Director for Service-Learning: 

Position Reports to: Amy Leah Joaquim, Assistant Director for Service-Learning  

Length of Internship: Generally, students will complete a minimum of 100 hours of internship work that includes but is not limited to: project-related work for a department, unit, or institution; shadowing and/or observation of leadership activities; and attending meetings, conferences, retreats, and/or other training opportunities.  

How to Apply: Please email resume and interest letter to