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The purpose of the HBCUs Educate is to provide professional development intentionally designed for HBCU professionals and practitioners seeking to work at these institutions. The series include a variety of topics led by panelists who work, research, and collaborate with HBCUs. With the positive response from the previous installments of this series, it was only right to continue the conversations with our HBCU scholars!

The first historically Black college or universities (HBCU) was founded in 1837, Cheyney University in Pennsylvania, because of Blacks being denied the opportunity to purse a higher education at colleges during that time. Soon after, Lincoln University in Pennsylvania (1854) and Wilberforce University in Ohio (1856) were established. Soon after, more HBCUs were founded; however, it was in Title III of the Higher Education Act of 1965 that defined HBCUs as institutions (established and accredited prior to 1964) of higher learning whose primary mission was the education of African Americans.

HBCUs continue to have an important contribution to higher education, especially in Region III where nearly 75% of our nation’s HBCU institutions are located. In recent years, Region III has made a commitment to better serve these important colleges and universities and continues to explore ways to center the work of professionals at HBCU institutions in our conversations as a region and within the field of Student Affairs. This webinar series is an important part of our commitment.

Sessions for the Spring 2022 series include:

January 19 | Cultural Capital: Alumni Voices

February 2 | Fostering a Culture to Support Black First Gen.

February 10 | Socio-emotional Wellness of Black First Gen.

February 16 | Financial Wellness for Black First Gen.

February 23 | Career Exploration & Black First-Gen.

All sessions start at 12p EST

We look forward to seeing you and your colleagues at some of these FREE and informative webinars!

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