Seeking UNIV 110 instructors, Spring 2021

ODU student success center

Each spring semester, the First Year Student Success office teaches an Academic Success course (UNIV 110) for freshmen who are on academic warning (earned less than a 2.0 gpa their first semester).  Due to current circumstances we will be moving the class online for the spring term in a synchronous format.  The course is for zero credit to alleviate a financial burden on students and is taught for one hour per week for 11 weeks.  We are currently seeking instructors for this course.  In previous semesters, graduate students have volunteered to assist in teaching this course to help them build their resume and gain experience in working with students in a classroom setting. As a graduate student you would be paired with a faculty member who has previously taught the course to provide guidance but you would be the main instructor for the course.  There is a syllabus of record that we all use and class materials will be provided to help guide your lesson planning.  If you are interested in this opportunity, please reach out to the coordinator of the program, Joe Ritchie at