Congratulations to Jenn Grimm (HIED Ph.D. ’19) on her recent promotion!

Congratulations to Dr. Jenn Grimm on her recent promotion to the newly redesigned Center for Career & Leadership Development (CCLD) office at Old Dominion University in the Division of Student Enrollment, Engagement & Services (yes, that was renamed too!). The intentions of this new office are to create readiness from the first-year experience through graduation and beyond, align co-curricular experiential learning opportunities with an emphasis on career exploration, and promote curricular alignment with career readiness through partnership and course development in areas such as living-learning communities, service-learning projects, career treks, and other career-focused classroom interventions. In addition to demonstrating fiscal responsibility and creating additional staff support opportunities, CCLD aims to better address institutional strategic objectives by strengthening their employer and university relations as they align their practices with trends at other universities by which experiential learning opportunities are brought into closer alignment with career services offices. Dr. Grimm has led student-focused initiatives at ODU for nearly a decade.