Announcement: 2023 National Social Mobility Symposium

The 2023 National Social Mobility Symposium will take place at California State University San Marcos in San Marcos, California on Thursday, October 5 and Friday, October 6, 2023. Join us for FREE and gain fresh insights from leading social mobility thought leaders and visionaries. This is the 6th annual symposium and the conference theme is “Innovate, Collaborate, Motivate: The Future of Social and Economic Mobility.” This symposium will be an opportunity for the higher education community – including university presidents, senior leaders, student affairs professionals, faculty and professional staff – to come together to discuss how institutions can best support student social mobility and communities they serve in today’s evolving and challenging environment. By leveraging the collective expertise and experiences of attendees, this symposium will certainly inspire fresh perspectives and creative new ways of achieving student success, leading to social mobility and economic prosperity for all.

Visit the link for more information and registration: