Dr. Commodore Quoted in The Chronicle of Higher Education

Dr. Felecia Commodore headshot

Dr. Felecia Commodore is quoted in a recent blog post titled Regional Public Colleges Art Affordable-but Is That Enough to Draw Students published in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Dr. Commodore shared her thoughts on survey results which hilight the lack of competitive advantage and declining enrollment at regional public colleges. Dr. Commodore added, “..Regional publics may have to do more than get better at telling a story. It’s important that students have access to affordable colleges, but it’s also important that they be able to succeed once they’re enrolled and have decent residence halls to stay in and faculty who aren’t overstretched. “Affordability is one thing, resources are another,” Commodore said. “Institutional leaders really need to start to consider, Where else are they placing investments in their campus to ensure that their campuses are attractive, other than being a bargain?”

The full article can be found here.