Current Student and Alumni Updates

Email readers: we have so many updates this week! Be sure to click through to read them all.

Kim Bullington (HIED Ph.D., ’14), along with Co-PIs Melanie Graham (HIED Ph.D. student), Bill Nuckols (HIED Ph.D., ’16), Dennis Gregory (Associate Professor) and Anthony Dean, were awarded a $598,409 grant to create and sustain a Center of Excellence for Veteran Student Success. Consultants include Carin Barber and Bob Clark. Read the press release here:

Donata Worrell (CCL Ph.D. student) will begin a new position as the Director of Planning and Evaluation at Patrick and Henry Community College in Martinsville, VA at the end of May. She previously worked as Department Chair of Humanities & Social Sciences at Rockingham Community College in Wentworth, NC.

Pietro Sasso (HIED Ph.D., ’12), Ashley Jeffers, Amelia-Marie Alstatd, Kim Bullington (HIED Ph.D., ’14), and Martha Enciso have published “Personal ‘reservations’: Revealing the selective invisibility of multiracial Native American Students” in the Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice. Check it out here!

Eric Magner (HIED Ph.D. student) has started a new position as Civil Rights and Title IX Investigator in the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity at Old Dominion University. He looks forward to continued work on his dissertation on name, image, and likeness with my dissertation committee (Dr. Gregory, chair; Dr. Smithers, methodologist; and Dr. Case, sports management and law). He wishes to thank everyone in the department (faculty, staff [especially Dawn], and his fellow doctoral students who he draws inspiration from on a daily basis).

Melanie Graham (HIED Ph.D. student) won the NASPA Region III 2023 Outstanding Graduate Student Award. This award recognizes achievement, involvement and potential for leadership in our emerging Student Affairs professionals. Melanie will receive this award at the Region II Summer Symposium in Orlando, FL.

Kim Bullington (HIED Ph.D., ’14) won the Student Engagement and Enrollment Services award for Advisor of the Year for her work with Student Veterans of America at Old Dominion University at the 2023 SEES Awards.

Tameka Womack (HIED Ph.D., ’14), Kim Bullington (HIED Ph.D., 2014), and Pietro Sasso (HIED Ph.D., 2012) published “A descriptive quantitative exploration of college students of promise during the COVID-19 pandemic” in the Journal of Underrepresented and Minority Progress. Available at

Chad Sartini (CCL Ph.D., ’19), Dennis Gregory (Associate Professor), Kim Bullington (HIED Ph.D., ’14), Mitchell Williams (Associate Professor), Joshua Howell (HIED Ph.D., ’20), Bill Nuckols (HIED Ph.D., ’16), and Minghui “Hannah” Hou (HIED Ph.D., ’23) published “Community college presidents and campus safety: Perspectives on critical issues” in Inquiry: The Journal of Virginia Community Colleges.  Check it out here!

Congratulations, all!