Check out the ASHE Presidential Podcast series featuring Dr. Commodore as co-host!

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Our very own Dr. Felecia Commodore is the co-host of the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE) Presidential Podcast series! The first two episodes are out now with more to come. See below for the description of the series, and go listen and subscribe through your podcast service of choice! Congratulations Dr. Commodore on this notable example of public scholarship on a national stage!

Our global society has experienced a historic and debilitating health pandemic that heightened issues of justice and inequality that already existed throughout all microcosms of society, including education. We find ourselves at another historic inflection point in the aftermath of what we hope was the worst of the global pandemic. The trauma and hurt we have experienced over the last two and a half years and centuries before now require healing and new, liberating approaches to being, doing, and knowing.

In this podcast series, co-hosts Drs. Felecia Commodore and Royel Johnson invite scholar leaders to collectively think about what it means (and does not) to Humanize Higher Education, the conference theme and call to action ASHE 2022 President Dr. Joy Gaston Gayles has set for the membership of the 46-year-old association of higher education scholars. We hope to learn from invited scholars how to use, harness, and evoke humanizing values and practices to study educational problems.