Call for Submissions: Viewpoint Articles, The Journal of College and University Student Housing

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2022 Call for Submissions
The Journal of College and University Student Housing
Viewpoint Articles

Announcing a new column!

The Journal of College and University Student Housing seeks manuscripts that present a summary and critical analysis of an issue in housing and residence life that is of considerable interest to the readership.  A Viewpoints essay provides a scholarly summary and subsequent examination of the topic with attention to implications for practice.

Viewpoints may address virtually any important topic in residential education, housing operations, facilities management, dining service, custodial services and more, and might examine ethics, campus housing/institutional policy, or law, among other issues. Authors might consider contemporary issues such as application of critical race theory, #MeToo and protests against fraternity life, developing “hybrid residence life” experiences, creating a non-toxic workplace, and more.

For example, a Viewpoints proposal might postulate that exodus from residence life roles is related to more than The Great Resignation and is connected to supervisory factors and changing roles of live-in staff. Support could be drawn from literature and sources that examine live-in staff attrition, staffing structure changes at institutions such as George Washington University, social media posts about toxic workplaces, ACUHO-I data concerning salary and benefits, and the vast literature concerning supervision and job satisfaction.

Viewpoints should be well focused, scholarly, and clearly presented and should not include the findings of the author’s new research or data: this is an essay. Though opinion is acceptable, submissions must be grounded in scholarship. Submissions from writers of all experience levels (as writers and practitioners) are encouraged.


Submit your proposal in the form of an abstract (maximum of one single-spaced page), an outline of your paper, and reference list to Denise Davidson,  Please include contact information for all authors and identify the coordinating author.

Proposals are due by 5 pm EDT, Friday, April 1. The full manuscript (no more than 5,000 words) for the accepted proposal will be due Friday, July 1, 2022. A final decision regarding publication will be made by October 28.

Journal guidelines including manuscript review process, publication style, maximum word count, and style guidelines are available at