Interested in publishing? Write a media review for JSARP

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From the Associate Editor for Media Features and Reviews at the Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice, Dr. Carrie Kortegast:

Doctoral students interested writing a media review for JSARP should complete the following form by Monday, 1/17:

The typical length of a review is 1200 words and individuals usually have 3 months to complete it. If reviewing a book, one copy of the book will be provided. We are also interested in reviewing other types of media that would be of interest to JSARP readers including films, docuseries, podcasts, etc. and suggestions are always welcomed.

The form asks if the student would be able to secure a faculty member in their program to co-author the review. Ideally, the student would take the lead in drafting the review and the faculty member would provide feedback and suggestions. When I was a doctoral student, having the opportunity to co-author a book review with one of my faculty members was a valuable learning experience for me. It provided me with an introduction to the publication process as well as direction on how to craft a good review. My hope is that the Media Features and Reviews section can both provide high quality reviews as well as provide publication opportunities for emerging scholars.

If you have volunteered to review in the past and have not been selected, please complete the form. We often receive more volunteers than we have media to review or space in the journal.

Please email me directly at if you have any questions.