Free Workshop: Shaping Critical Data Science for a Diverse World


The AERA-ICPSR PEERS Data Hub will hold a workshop on “ICQCM: Shaping Critical Data Science for a Diverse World” Thursday, July 15, 1:00 pm–4:00 pm ET. The workshop, offered at no cost, is the fifth in a series of webinars offered through the PEERS Data Hub that will focus on STEM research methods.


  • Odis Johnson Jr., Johns Hopkins University
  • Ezekiel Dixon-Roman, University of Pennsylvania
  • Ebony McGee, Vanderbilt University

About the Workshop

The Institute in Critical Quantitative, Computational, & Mixed Methodologies (ICQCM) aims to advance the presence of scholars of color among those using data science methodologies, and challenge researchers to use those methods in ways that can dismantle the structural barriers to enable human flourishing for underrepresented communities, professionals, and young people. The workshop instructors will discuss and demonstrate how to employ quantitative and computational methods that are situated in context, history, material social relations, and as a product of material and discursive formations. They will explore and provide examples of non-instrumental approaches of quantification that do not essentialize, universalize, or treat data as self-evident, while emphasizing an analytical focus on multiplicity, diversity, and the marginal subject.

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