Dr. Commodore publishes article on boards of trustees in light of UNC Hannah-Jones case

Dr. Felecia Commodore headshot

Dr. Felecia Commodore has co-authored an article with Dr. Demetri Morgan (Loyola University Chicago) on the role of boards of trustees in university governance in light of the UNC-Chapel Hill board’s handling of Nikole Hannah-Jones’ tenure case. In their article, they note that the lack of racial equity and lack of political independence of boards can reinforce the effects of white supremacy and other forms of social inequity in the governance of colleges and universities. They offer a framework for culturally sustaining governance as one means to guide boards to prioritize equity in their work. Read the full article at https://theconversation.com/trustees-handling-of-nikole-hannah-jones-tenure-application-shows-how-university-boards-often-fail-the-accountability-test-161622.