IASAS professional development opportunities

IASAS webinar series

IASAS (International Association of Student Affairs and Services) professional development opportunities have grown in recent months with a new Virtual Webinar series and our new Blog. The webinar series includes two distinct formats providing no cost ways for professionals to connect and learn: (1) Knowledge Sessions (educational webinars) and (2) Collegial Conversations (virtual informal dialogues). These formats have already proven successful with Collegial Conversation events connecting colleagues across five continents. The development of the IASAS new Virtual Webinar Series comes in addition to the ACPA/IASAS joint Around the Globe Webinar Series now in its second year.
IASAS recently launched the IASAS Blog on our website. This is an online space for student affairs professionals to share perspectives on issues and trends in the field, to share best practices, and to further encourage learning. Blog posts are typically only between 350-1000 words. Read our first post and learn more on how you can submit on the IASAS Blog. 

Upcoming Virtual Webinars (click on the link for details and to register):