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Participate in research on Ph.D. alumni outcomes

My name is Anthony Schmidt and I am a doctoral student in evaluation, statistics, and measurement at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. I am contacting you because you have graduated with your PhD within the last three years. I am currently conducting a brief survey on conference travel and PhD employment outcomes and was hoping you would be willing to participate. 

The survey should only take 10-15 minutes. The results could help graduate students understand the importance of the number of conferences and types of conferences they should attend. You do not need to be employed to participate. 

For more information, including the informed consent form, please visit

A pandemic wedding and name change

Stephanie Harron, M.S.Ed. ’20, is excited to inform her colleagues and faculty that she is now married! She is changing her last name to ‘Billy’ – Stephanie R. Billy – for future reference or inquiry.

New publication alert

Dr. Michael DeBowes, Ph.D. ’14, contributed to the 2nd edition of Reframing Campus Conflict, due to be published by Stylus this month:

The full citation is as follows:

Holmes, R. C., Edwards, K. E, , King, T.G., & DeBowes, M.M. (2020).  Why objectivity is not nearly enough: The critical role of social justice theory in campus conduct and conflict work.  In J.M. Schrage & N.G. Giacomini (Eds.), Reframing Campus Conflict: Student Conduct Practice through the Lens of Inclusive Excellence (2nd ed., pp. 78-100).  Stylus Publishing, LLC.

Congratulations Mike!

New publication alert

Jerrica Stovall, M.S.Ed. ’12, has published her second book, Be Encouraged by Black Men! This project is a faith based anthology comprised of 19 testimonies from a diverse group of Black Men. Additionally, the Foreword is provided by ODU HIED Alumnus Brandon Brown.

Please support and check out her other works here –

Congratulations Jerrica!