Congrats faculty and students presenting at AERA 2021!

Congratulations to the following Ph.D. students and faculty in the Department of Educational Foundations & Leadership who will be presenting their research at AERA 2021!

Amechi, M. H. (2021, April). Exploring the intersectional college-going experiences of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color students with foster care experience and dis/abilities. Paper, Division J.

Ayers, D.H. co-chair for Section 3: Organization, Management and Leadership, Division J.

Cruz, N., Hou, H., Harimoto, A. &, Glass, C.R. (2021, April) Student Self-Formation in International Secondary Schools and Higher Education Institutions: Identity, Agency, and Transitions. Paper, (student)

Cruz, N., Fischer, H., Raby, R. & Glass, C.R. (2021, April)  Senior International Officers as Catalysts of Change: Effectual Entrepreneurial Problem-Solving for Unscripted Futures. Paper, (student)

Fischer, H.  (2021, April)  A Longitudinal Inquiry into Community College Education Abroad Learning Outcomes. Paper, with support of Rachel White, Chris Glass, and Kim Gomez

Gabaldon, C. M., Yen, C.-J., Tu, C. H., Tieke, B., W., Terrill, W., Running Bear, C. L., & Sujo-Montes., L. (2021, April). Social Network Interaction in Online Discussion over Time and Teaching Presence. Paper.

Hall, K., & Anyichie, A.C. (2021, April). Preparing to teach online: A conceptual framework for supporting culturally-diverse learners in online environments. Poster, (student)

Harvey, K., Pribesh, S., Williams, M., & Glass, C.R. (2021, April). From developmental education at community college to transfer and bachelor’s attainment: A matched samples study. Paper, Division H- Research, Evaluation and Assessment in Schools. (student)

Kudumu, M., Denson, C., Amechi, M. H., Grimmett, M., Harris, J. (2021, April). Visual and Audio-based media as a research technique to explore issues of equity and social justice. Panel, SIG Media, Culture, and Learning.

Moore, R. L., Yen, C.-J., Powers, F. E. (2021, April). Why So Negative? Exploring the Negative Relationship Between Clout and Cognitive Processing in MOOC Forums. Paper,  (student)

Myran, S. (2021, April) A Critical Reframing of University/Community Research, Paper.

Priniski, S. J., Lee, G. A., Totonchi, D. A., Perez, T., & Linnenbrink-Garcia, L. (2021, April). Differences in Belonging Among Underrepresented Minority and First- Generation College Students in an Introductory STEM Course. Paper, (student)

Quackenbush, M.,  Bol, L., Cleary, T.J. & Garner, J.K. (2021, April). Effects of SRL Training on Teachers’ SRL, Self-Efficacy, and Perceived Instructional Effectiveness in CSCL Environments. Paper, SIG-Studying and Self-Regulated Learning (student)

Smithers, L. E. & Mazzei, L. A. (2021, April). Minor pedagogy: A pedagogy of the ontological turn. In J. Ulmer, C. R. Kuby, & R. C. Christ (chairs), What Pedagogies Produce: Teaching Responsible/Response(able) Qualitative Inquiry. Session.

Sylvester. P. & Myran, S. (2021, April), Student Teachers Learning “the Contentless Curriculum” Paper.

Totonchi, D. A., Perez, T., Hall, K., & Braitman, A. (2021, April). Distinct stereotype threat perceptions: Longitudinal validation of a two-dimensional measure across two undergraduate science samples. Paper, (student)

Tu, C. H., Yen, C.-J., Harati, H., Gabaldon, C. M., Running Bear, C. L., Terrill, W., & Sujo-Montes., L. (2021, April). Social Network Interaction in Online Discussion over Time and Online Social Presence. Paper.

White, R.S., Mihaylova, M., Niemann, S., Siegle, J., Fischer, H., Whitfield, A. (2021, April). School district leaders’ beliefs about and engagement in state education policymaking. Paper, (student)

White, R.S., Abufarha, J., Grant, E., Skelly, M., Schneider, J. (accepted, April 2021). Understanding students perceptions of school culture: A focus on English learners and facility with language. Paper,  (student)

White-Levatich, A., Perez, T., & Linnenbrink-Garcia, L. (2021, April). The Mediating Role of Emotions in the Relations Among Science Control-Value Beliefs, Engagement, and Persistence [paper presentation]. Paper, (student)

Wine, L., Kimmel, S.C., Pribesh, S., Dickinson, G.K., & Church, A.P. (2021, April). Impact of school librarians on elementary student achievement: A propensity score analysis. Paper,  Division H – Research, Evaluation and Assessment in Schools. (student)

Wolayat, T. Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Afghanistan: A Case Study of University X. Paper (student)

Yen, C.-J., Tu, C. H., Ozkeskin, E. E., Harati, H., Gabaldon, C. M., Liu, Q., & Sujo-Montes, L. (2021, April). Student Emotional Characteristics of Online Discussion Posts and Their Self-regulated Learning Skills. Paper.

If you have an accepted paper, roundtable, or poster not on this list, email us at and we will announce in the next M2M!