Conversation about Latinx/a/os in Higher Education

The Office of Intercultural Relations has invited Dr. David Perez II, an Associate Professor in the Department of Ed-Teach & Leadership at Syracuse University, to speak at Old Dominion University.

Topic: Latinx in Higher Education: Exploring Identity, Pathways and Success
Date: Monday, September 23 at 6:00pm
Location: 1st Floor Multipurpose Room in the College of Education Building

Dr. Perez’ extensive research focuses on increasing Latinx student success in higher education. His most recent publication Latinx in higher education: Exploring identity, pathways and success

The Latinx/a/o population is the largest and fastest-growing ethnic group in the United States, yet higher education attainment for this community is among the lowest. Latinx/a/os in Higher Education: Exploring Identity, Pathways, and Success addresses topics relevant to the experience of Latinx/a/o students and professionals and illustrates key elements that should be considered in the development of varied pathways to their success.

Dr. Perez’ groundbreaking research combines scholarly chapters with personal perspectives from Latinx/a/o students, administrators, and faculty who have navigated cultural differences and institutional politics to overcome barriers. The authors share innovative insights and promising practices for diversifying key leadership positions within the academy and improving outcomes for Latinx/a/o college student success.

ODU’s Higher Education graduate program is collaborating with the Office of Intercultural Relations for this special event.