Research Methods Lecture Series: Art Meets Data

Art Meets Data Lecture Series promo

Throughout time, the humanities and the sciences have been separated, treated as two independent fields that exist on completely different trajectories. However, Patricia Leavy (2018) contends that, “art and science bear intrinsic similarities in their attempts to explore, illuminate, and represent aspects of human life and the social and natural worlds in which we are a part” (p. 3). In other words, art, imagination, and creativity are intricately connected to science, scholarship, and research, bound by the human desire to investigate and understand the world around us. Thus, it is important to consider how researchers – often trained to separate art and science – might join the two together. This series, Art Meets Data,is an interdisciplinary sequence that attempts to build upon this conversation by featuring social science researchers who draw on the humanities to enhance their data collection, analysis, and representation. Each lecture reinforces the humanities by focusing on the connection between the social sciences and history, art, literature, music, dance, and/or sound.

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