Job Postings at Ed Trust West

Ed Trust West

The Education Trust – West is hiring for four positions in their West Coast offices. If you intend to apply for any of these positions, reach out to Dr. Commodore for further advice.

  • Deputy Director:  A seasoned organizational strategist who also has experience engaging in K-12 advocacy initiatives 
  • Director of External Relations: An engagement expert who will lead a team to mobilize a diverse group of advocates at the state and local levels who are working on educational justice issues – Priority deadline: April 14, 2021 (location: open to Oakland or Los Angeles)
  • External Relations Manager: A passionate advocate and organizer who will build partnerships and manage our community partner program (location: open to Oakland or Los Angeles)
  • Executive Assistant: An experienced executive-level assistant who anticipates challenges and thrives off creating or sustaining processes that bolster success – Priority deadline: April 19, 2021