Dr. Commodore featured in REACH Collaborative podcast

Dr. Felecia Commodore headshot

Dr. Felecia Commodore is a featured guest in the REACH Collaborative’s podcast series titled Promoting Racial Equity in Credentialing Pathways for Adult Learners of Color. See below for information on all episodes in the series – Dr. Commodore is on episode five, and, all episodes are worth a listen!

Episode 1Inclusive and Equitable Pedagogy/Pathways and Wraparound Support Services for Students of Color (Host: Gianina Baker; Panelists: Reyna Anaya, Denise Henning, and Mara Lazda)

Episode 2Root Analysis and Addressing Structural Racism in Pathways (Host: Jason A. Keist; Panelists: Michael Baston & Susana Muñoz)

Episode 3Moving Beyond Diversity Toward Racial Equity in Pathways (Host: Eboni M. Zamani-Gallaher; Panelists: Lorenzo Baber, Heather Shotton, and Ereka Williams)

Episode 4: Scalable Implementation of Culturally Responsive Practices (Host: Raina Dyer-Barr; Panelists: Pamela Eddy, Mayra Padilla, and Luis Ponjuan)

Episode 5Problematizing Guided Pathways from an Activist Leadership Lens (Host: Eboni M. Zamani-Gallaher, Panelists: Edward Bush, Felecia Commodore, and Richard Reddick)

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