NASPA Webinar: Job Searching Amidst a Pandemic

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Join us as we get close to kicking off the 2020 NASPA Careers in Student Affairs Month with a webinar that will provide you with tips and tricks about navigating the job search for your first job out of graduate school – especially amidst a pandemic! The webinar, Job Searching Amidst A Pandemic will be on Tuesday, September 29th at 7PM EDT. The registration form can be found here: register by 5PM on September 29th

The panelists bring a wealth of knowledge on multiple levels as new professionals. The panelists have experience in the field ranging from student activities, residence life, leadership, fraternity and sorority life, assessment and research, diversity and inclusion, and more! Join us as we discuss ways that will help you successfully navigate the #JobSearch.

The job search can appear to be daunting and full of uncertainty at times. We commend you for taking this time to begin getting some answers to your questions.

Lastly, we invite you to submit questions for us to answer during the webinar. Please feel free to extend this webinar opportunity to fellow graduate students!


Christopher Ndiritu (, NASPA Region III Engagement Coordinator and NPGS KC 
Julie Fleishman (, NASPA Region III NPGS KC Committee Member, Florida
Alex Wink (, NASPA Region III NPGS KC Committee Member, Kentucky