Office of Study Abroad Graduate Assistantship

Graduate Assistantship

Job Description: Activities and Responsibilities

The graduate assistant is responsible to assist the Office of Study Abroad in its mission, which includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • Assist SA Coordinator with StudioAbroad (CRM) management, updates, processes
  • Advising and follow-up with student paperwork/forms/reminders
  • Assist with updating OSA website (i.e. checking exchange partnerwebsites, etc…), social media
  • Respond to email queries (general queries)
  • Marketing/outreach
    o Information sessions (conduct or assist with)
    o Classroom presentations (conduct or assist with) o Study Abroad Fair
    o Assist with open houses/previews
    o Assist with advertisements
    o Post flyers around campus
  • Evaluation
    o Assist with assessment / evaluations of study abroad programs (filing,compiling, summarizing, checking who hasn’t submitted, etc…)
    o Assist with collecting “Open Doors” data/maintaining student database
  • Research projects
    o Assist Office of Study Abroad staff with research / research projects
  • Short-term programs
    o Assist the Faculty-led Coordinator with short-term programs as needed(i.e. assist with communication, travel related questions/issues, marketing/outreach, preparing orientation materials/packets, etc…)
  • General office
    o Answer the phone/covering the office during lunch or other staff absences o Assist students (with information, forms, etc…)
    o Deliver the “run” on campus
    o Presentation preparation
    o Assist in preparing materials (copying and compiling) for student


  • Enrolled full-time in a graduate degree program
  • Excellent interpersonal and social skills
  • Computer skills to include the following:i. Word
    ii. Publisheriii. Exceliv. Web-based research / searches
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Experience abroad (work, volunteer, study, travel, or some sort ofexperience(s) abroad)III. Employment Schedule

Hours: A total of twenty (20) per week on an established schedule that fits the student’s course demands

Remuneration for Assistantship: $7500 / semester