Call for Papers | HEPE Special Issue

Did you know the ODU Higher Education program publishes Higher Education Politics & Economics, a peer-reviewed academic journal on policy, politics, and economics?
Higher Education Politics & Economics (HEPE) invites papers for a special issue focusing on:
The Impact of Federal and State Higher Education Policies on Students
Guest Co-Editors:
Dennis Kramer
Co-Director, Education Policy Research Center
University of Florida
Christopher Marsicano
Davidson College
The influence of federal and state higher education policy is well documented within the academic literature. However, as the federal government and states begin to explore policy innovations, more research is needed to inform not only the development and design of future policies but to set expectations for their short- and long-term impacts. Recently, a significant number of  states have welcomed new governors, each with their own postsecondary education priorities. As states begin to experience improvements in their fiscal and economic conditions, along with potential increases in general or targeted discretionary funding, competition for education funding to support policy initiatives may again be part of the political debate. Policy priorities may extend to the cost reductions for higher education students, expansion of the mission and scope of community and technical institutions, or the implementation of federal and state accountability measures.
We are interested in a broad range of submissions that explore policy impacts that directly impact postsecondary student decision-making or outcomes from a variety of methodological approaches. Given current use of evidence by policymakers, we are particularly interested in papers that utilize robust quantitative approaches. Submissions may include, but are not limited to, the following topics:
  • How the adoption or change in policy (at either the federal or state level) impacts the ways in which students pay for or engage with higher education.
  • The role of the policy in influencing college choice or post-enrollment major choice.
  • The identification of the factors influencing postsecondary policy change or adoption.
  • The impact of the state or institutional budget models on resource allocations.
  • Design solutions to influence college access and postsecondary student decision-making.
Questions? Questions about the special issue may be directed to Dennis Kramer at You can also connect with the co-editors at ASHE!
Submission deadline: December 15, 2019.
Notification to authors will be sent mid-February 2020. Expected special issue publication is Summer 2020.