Deadline approaching for submissions for the 5th Transatlantic Dialogue in Luxembourg!

5th Transatlantic Dialogue: Re-imagining the Tower of Babel

Languages, Cultures, Cultural Diplomacy & World Peace


The 2020 edition of Transatlantic Dialogue aims to explore the complexities of human communication and develop our skills at engaging with them. By channeling discussion around three main areas of focus, it will encourage participants to reflect on our contemporary patterns of communication and the way they shape, hinder, and enable more meaningful relationships. Taking the lead from the historical, literary and spiritual layers of representation and interpretation of culture supplied by the powerful image of the Tower of Babel, these three focus areas are: Languages and cultures, the practice of cultural diplomacy, and the pursuit of peace.

Please send your proposals to Dr. Maureen E. Wilson at
by Tuesday, October 1st, 2019.

ODU Professor Dr. Dennis Gregory has attended and is involved with the conference planning committee, so contact him at with any questions about the conference or visit the website.