Wolayat, Cruz, & Fischer to present at 2019 WES-CIHE Summer Seminar

Tabasum Wolayat, Natalie Cruz, and Heidi Fischer were selected to receive scholarships to join a distinguished group of doctoral students and scholars to present their research at the upcoming 2019 WES-CIHE Summer Institute in Boston, MA on June 19–21, 2019. All three HIED PhD students will publish their presentations in a forthcoming monograph on Innovative and Inclusive Internationalization in Higher Education. Chapters include:

“In Their Own Words: Education Abroad Outcomes at a U.S. Community College” (Heidi Fischer)

“Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Post-Conflict Countries: A Vertical Case Study of Afghanistan” (Tabasum Wolayat)

“Senior International Officers (SIOs): Entreprenurship and Inclusive Internationalization in Higher Education” (Natalie Cruz)